What students learn in P.E.!

In P.E. students will learn basic motor skills and movements. Also, students will participate in team and individual sports, fitness and health activities and fun games. Students will learn the importance of teamwork, sportsmanship and cooperation.

PE classes are Monday (All grades), Wednesday (Upper Division), and Thursday (Primary).

Dress: Students are to come to school dressed for gym classes. Students are to wear athletic shoes with rubber soles. Girls are not to wear jumpers or skirts on gym class days. Boys and Girls wear a white or read polo or the red Cabrini shirt with uniform shorts or solid navy blue sweatpants. (Family Handbook, pg. 11)

 Students will be graded based on:

  • Participation
  • Effort
  • Behavior
  • Proper shoes

Miss Mayhall's Classroom wish list!

- Set of bean bags (20-40)

Miss Natalie Mayhall (K - 8th PE)

Teacher Profile

Teaches:  Physical Education

Years at Cabrini: Second Year

Years of Teaching: Second year

Previous Teaching Positions: Substitute Teacher in the Ritenour School District

Degrees: Bachelors of Science in Physical Education

Teaching Certificates: K-12 Physical Education and Health

Why are you excited to be teaching at Cabrini?   I am excited to be teaching at Cabrini because of the diverse groups of students and the many different backgrounds to learn from and about.

How would you describe your teaching style and method? I would describe my teaching style and method as a student-centered approach. I think it is important that the teacher and student share a role equally in learning. 

2015-2016 Classroom Pictures!


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