What students learn in Second Grade!

The highlight of second grade is preparing for First Reconciliation and First Communion.  Second graders build on their reading and math skills from first grade and begin to write more structured stories.  They will also learn to write in cursive!

Miss Fonseca's classroom wish list!

- educational games
- washable pillows or beanbags
- children's music CDs

Miss Lauren Fonseca (2nd Grade)

Teaching Profile

Years at Cabrini: Second year

Years of Teaching: Sixth year

Previous Teaching Positions: St. Austin School1st& 2nd grade (2 years); 2nd & 3rd grade (2 years)

Degrees: MA in Special Education; BA in History

Teaching Certificates: Early Childhood (B-3) & Elementary Education (1-6)

Why are you excited to be teaching at Cabrini?  I am excited to begin working at Cabrini because it is a very welcoming place.  Everyone is friendly and willing to help.  The children work hard and get along well with others. 

How would you describe your teaching style and method? I use a variety of teaching methods in my classroom.  We will use children’s literature, hands-on projects, and the Smartboard on a regular basis.  Assignments are structured to allow each student to work according to his or her ability.  You will see the children doing a variety of different activities around the classroom.  Second graders also learn to complete work independently.   

2016-2017 Classroom pictures!


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