What students learn in 3rd grade!

Math: The Saxon Math program in 3rd grade covers a wide range of mathematical domains including: Operations and Algebraic thinking, numbers and operations in base ten, numbers and operations-Fractions, measurement and data and geometry

Reading/LA: The Reading wonders program in third grade  builds various skills in vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and fluency.
LA- covers multiple areas in writing, grammar, spelling and vocabulary

Science: Third graders will be learning about different areas in Life, Earth, and Physical Science including: Plants and Animals and how they interact, Earth’s land and cycles on earth in space, investigating matter and exploring energy and forces

Social Studies: Third grade learns about the various aspects of communities while developing various geography, thinking and study skills

Units we cover:
Living in Communities
Looking Back to the Past
Building a Government

Religion: The focus of this year’s study is faith. Third grade will become familiar with mysteries of faith that we profess in the Apostles’ creed. Through events from both the Old and the New testaments of the Bible, they will learn of God’s saving love for his people and the truths of our faith. The goal is for your child to respond with a trusting, joyful relationship with God and to accept all that God has taught us.

Kelsey's Classroom wish list

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Miss Kelsey Kerr (3rd Grade)

Teacher Profile

Years at Cabrini: Third year

Years of Teaching: Third year

Previous Teaching Positions: Student taught 5th grade at MICDS

Degrees: Masters in Teaching (BTC); Bachelors in Elementary Education

Teaching Certificates: Elementary Education

Why are you excited to be teaching at Cabrini?   The friendliness and passion of the faculty and staff members contribute to the welcoming community atmosphere at Cabrini. It is such a unique school and I am excited to learn more about the various backgrounds and cultures of the Cabrini student’s and families.

How would you describe your teaching style and method? My style of teaching is very hands on. I believe in an experiential learning approach where I use various hands on learning activities and experiences to keep students fully engaged and active members of the classroom.


2015-2016 Classroom pictures!



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