What students learn in Fourth grade!

Fourth graders learn quite a lot this year to prepare for middle school next year!  Our Saxon Math gets a great deal harder as we start pre-algebra, long division and decimals.  We read lots of fun novels, learn about our state's history and discover the Human Body in Science!

In Religion class, we do two major things.  We learn about the Old and New Testaments, how different they are, and each ones importance in the church.  We also learn about the Seven Sacraments.  The other major thing we learn is the Lives of the Saints.  We have Saint Binders which are divided into the seasons of the church.  Each day after listening to the life of a saint, we learn to summarize it into our notes.  Not only are we learning about these wonderful holy people, but other skills are well!

We have a different Spelling list of 25 words every week.  DON'T FORGET homework is always due on Thursdays, with the test being on Friday!  Only exceptions are when we have short weeks. 

We have adopted a new Reading series at Cabrini called Wonders.  Each week, we learn new vocabulary words and literary skills along with it.  We read a story and then do fun activities with them!  Once a month, we will read from a novel during Reading.  Most of the novels we will read are Newberry Award winners, and there are extensive activities done with these books.  Some of the novels we read in fourth grade are Sarah, Plain and Tall, Holes, Number the Stars, Tuck Everlasting, and Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.  In English Grammar, we learn about all 8 Parts of Speech, along with sentence structure. 

Social Studies: 
We start the year out in Social Studies by learning about the world, then narrow it down to the United States.  We will learn about the major rivers, mountain ranges and other landforms in the US.  We will then narrow the focus even further by dividing our country into regions.  We start by learning about the Northeastern area.  We learn the geopgraphy of the area, states and capitals, landforms, economic growth and the history of the area.   Then toward the end of the year, we switch gears to learn about Missouri's history.  We also learn about St. Louis' history as well!

We start off the year learning about Life Science.   We start off by learning about the 5 Kingdoms, focusing this month on the Animal and Plant Kingdoms.  We will learn about vertebrates and invertebrates, how plants make their own food with photosynthesis, the different kinds of plants, and why the leaves change color in the Fall.  Then we learn about the Human Body, looking into about 6 Body Systems.  Then we switch to Earth Science, learning about the layers of the Earth, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters. 

Mrs. Grote's Classroom wish list!

Mrs. Fran Grote (4th grade)

Teacher Profile

Years at Cabrini:  Five Years

Years of Teaching: Fifteen years

Previous Teaching Positions:  St. Monica, Immacolata

Degrees:  MA in Education; BA in Elementary Education                 

Teaching Certificates:  Missouri and Indiana

Why do you enjoy teaching at Cabrini?
I loved Cabrini the minute I walked into the buidling!  The people here are so welcoming, the staff is like a second family, and the students are kind and eager to learn!  I love the communal feel of the school and the constant support from staff and families makes it a wonderful place to work!

How would you describe your teaching style and method?
I teach from experience from what I've learned has and hasn't worked in the past.  My travels also enrich my teaching too.  I like to connect my student's lives to what we learn to make it more interesting and easier in the long run! 

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