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All faculty at St. Frances Cabrini Academy are certified and participate in ongoing professional develop in order to provide a quality education rooted in best practices.  Feel free to e-mail faculty/staff directly or contact the office at 314.776.0883 to leave a message.  Please note: only the names highlighted in blue are people that have active Cabrini e-mail addresses. 

Name Title Ext.
Fr. Paul Niemann Pastor Designate  
Caroline Koetting Principal 201
Doug Williams Accountant  
Rebecca Guzman Director of Advancement 202
Tina Colombo Administrative Assistant 200
Pattie Murphy-Voss School Counselor 203
Terin Brooks Kindergarten 210
Kathy Torrington First Grade 211
Lauren Fonseca Second Grade 212
Kelsey Kerr Third Grade 213
Fran Grote Fourth Grade 214
Elizabeth DeBoo Eight Grade Homeroom / Science/ Religion 215
Heidi Piatchek Sixth Grade Homeroom / History 216
Carla Rosene Seventh Grade Homeroom / Language Arts 217
Emily Lawson Fifth Grade Homeroom/Math 218
Bill Chandler Technology Coordinator  
Sr. Jane Gegg, ASC English Tutoring Project  
Emily Hemeyer Art 223
Margaret Bianchetta Primary Music 223
Teri (and Dennis) Wells Upper Division Music 223
Peggy Martin Physical Education 204
Eileen Johnson Cafeteria Supervisor 204



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