Family Handbook

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SFCA Family Handbook9/6/2016Download

School Event, CFO, Forms and Community events

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2016 Fall Sport Sign - upWeb Master 5/4/201660.60 KBDownload
Book FairWeb Master 11/11/201671.48 KBDownload
Catholic High School information bookWeb Master 9/6/2016940.57 KBDownload
Christmas at Cabrini RSVP 2016Web Master 9/19/2016448.88 KBDownload
Informational Flyers and Volunteer signupsWeb Master 9/29/20161.69 MBDownload
NCEA Parent NewsletterWeb Master 11/11/20161.09 MBDownload
November Flyer and Volunteer sign-upWeb Master 11/11/20161.74 MBDownload
St. Pius Oktoberfest FlyerWeb Master 9/6/2016143.61 KBDownload
Trivia Night ReservationWeb Master 11/11/201644.73 KBDownload

Donor & Alumni Quarterly Newsletter

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January 2016Web Master 1/21/2016737.39 KBDownload
May 2016Web Master 5/26/2016737.39 KBDownload
September 2015Web Master 9/30/2015548.85 KBDownload
September 2016 Web Master 11/11/2016737.39 KBDownload


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May 2016 ChroniclesWeb Master 5/11/2016261.73 KBDownload
November 2016 ChroniclesWeb Master 11/11/2016314.88 KBDownload
October Cabrini ChroniclesWeb Master 9/29/2016366.52 KBDownload

Monthly Menus

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January MenuWeb Master 1/6/201797.34 KBDownload
May 2016 - Lunch MenuWeb Master 5/4/2016964.60 KBDownload
November Cafeteria CalendarWeb Master 11/11/201683.71 KBDownload
October Cafeteria MenuWeb Master 9/29/2016437.18 KBDownload

Summer Reading Lists

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4th Grade Summer ReadingWeb Master 6/7/2016377.09 KBDownload
AR Summer Reading - Parent FAQ'sWeb Master 6/7/2016141.12 KBDownload
First Grade Summer readingWeb Master 6/7/201636.15 KBDownload
Incoming KG Summer readingWeb Master 6/7/201650.50 KBDownload
Second grade summer readingWeb Master 6/7/2016533.70 KBDownload
Third grade summer readingWeb Master 6/7/201638.84 KBDownload
Upper Division 5-8 grade summer readingWeb Master 6/7/201676.02 KBDownload

Scholarship Application Information

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2016 - 2017 Online Scholarship Application InformationWeb Master 1/19/2016403.27 KBDownload
Cabrini's Scholarship application 2016-17Web Master 7/22/2016419.85 KBDownload
How to Upload a DocumentWeb Master 2/2/2016370.22 KBDownload
New Family Application GuideWeb Master 2/2/2016370.18 KBDownload
Online Application OverviewWeb Master 2/2/2016222.39 KBDownload
Requalifing application guideWeb Master 2/2/2016541.33 KBDownload
T&TEF Scholarship Information - English & SpanishWeb Master 1/27/201656.80 KBDownload
Use a smart phone to applyWeb Master 2/2/2016170.62 KBDownload
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