Enrolling Your Child at Cabrini

Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a family can make.  At St. Frances Cabrini Academy, we understand the importance of this decision, and we encourage each family to find the school that best fits their child and their values.  In the same manner, we as a school work to ensure that any new student will quickly acclimate to our environment and be successful.

Our enrollment process is divided into four stages to ensure a smooth process:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Application
  3. Assessment
  4. Acceptance


Request an Informational Packet - You can easily request one of our informational packets by completing this form or calling the school at (314) 776-0883.  Much of the information you have found on this site will be included in the packet, as well as several additional promotional pieces and an application for admission.

Tour the School - We offer tours throughout the school year, inviting families to come experience Cabrini by visiting on a typical day.  During the tour, families will visit our classrooms, speak with several teachers, interact with current students, and spend some time meeting privately with the school's administration.  To schedule a tour, please contact the school via the form to the right or call us at (314) 776-0883.  Please plan to spend at least an hour touring the school.  In addition, be aware that the tour will include climbing several flights of stairs.

Additional Opportunities to Learn More - Following a tour, prospective families will also have the chance to speak with several current families who can provide an "insider's view" to life at Cabrini.  Additional visits can also be arranged, which could include a parent observing in a classroom or meeting directly with a teacher.


Once a family determines they are interested in sending their child(ren) to Cabrini, they should complete an application for each prospective student.  The application fee of $35 per child ($75 per child after July 1) should be paid at the time of application.  The application fee is only refundable in the event the school declines to accept the prospective student.


Every prospective student will be assessed for grade readiness and to assist the school in providing appropriate services.  In conjunction with family interviews and review of records, these academic assessments will be used in determining acceptance.

During the school year, applicants will be asked to spend a full-day visiting Cabrini, interacting with their potential classmates and teachers, participating in the classroom activities, and learning more about what it means to be a Cabrini student.  At some point throughout the day, the student will complete math and language arts assessments designed by our teachers.  Students are also observed for their social interactions with the teachers and classmates.

If a visit day cannot be scheduled due to summer break, the applicant will meet with a Cabrini teacher or administrator to take appropriate placement tests and participate in an informal interview process designed to help the teacher better get to know the student.

All incoming kindergarten students are assessed using the DIAL 4 Assessment.  These incoming kindergarten applicants spend only a half-day visiting the school and only on four special Kindergarten Visit Days.  Those days will occur throughout the winter and spring.


Following the assessments, the school administration, teachers, and applicant family will meet to review the results, go over the school records received, and discuss any concerns.  After this conference, acceptance decisions will be made, with admitted students receiving an acceptance letter within two weeks.  If Cabrini is not the best fit for the applicant, the school will make appropriate recommendations of other options that may be a better fit.


If you have any questions about this process or would like to speak with someone directly about moving forward with enrolling your child at Cabrini, please contact Mrs. Kaitlyn Holdmeyer, at (314) 776-0883 or email Mrs. Holdmeyer.


Request an Informational Packet

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New Student Application Forms

New Student documents needed before Assessment Day:

  1. New Student Application
  2. Records Release Form
  3. Aplication Fee - $35 (75$ for midyear transfer)
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Social Security Card
  6. Health Records - Shot records
  7. Tuition Assistance Forms 

Spanish: New Student Application and 2015-16 Tuition figures


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