What students learn in Math!

Saxons math covers a variety of topics, while continuing to build and review on concepts previously learned. Students will learn Geometry, Expressions and Equations, Ratios and Proportional Relationships, Functions, Statistics and Probability, Number Systems, and Graphing. The focus of math at this level is to build the foundational knowledge needed to succeed at high school level mathematics.

Mrs. Lawson's Classes!

5th Reading
Research shows that the best way to improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary is to READ!  I focus on six strategies all year long to help my students become strategic readers:  Monitor Your Comprehension, Activate and Connect, Question, Infer, Determine Importance, and Summarize.  Everyday, we read and disciss stories or novels together as a whole class and students also spend at least 15-30 minutes reading independently everyday.  Students do not complete book reports, but they do take short online book quizzes using the Accelerated Reader program that checks their basic comprehension of the books they have read.  Students also participate in whole class book discussion and online book forums.  I make lots of trips to the public library to ensure that my students have excellent book and audiobook choices to keep them engaged in reading.

Mrs. Lawson's Classroom wish list!

- Gift cards for books and classroom supplies
- Tablets

Mrs. Emily Lawson (5-8 Math and 5th grade Homeroom)

Teacher Profile

Years at Cabrini: First Year

Years of Teaching: Third Year

Previous Teaching Positions: 2 years at Laurens Middle School in Laurens, SC: 1st year: 8th grade math and Algebra 1 and 2nd year: Montessori Math Aide (grades 6-8), Algebra 1, Honors Pre-Algebra, and Gifted and Talented instructor.

Student Teaching: Foley Middle School in Berea, Kentucky 

Degrees: Masters in Teaching and Bachelor of Arts in History

Teaching Certificates: Middle Grades Mathematics certificate and Middle Grades Social Studies certificate

Why are you excited to be teaching at Cabrini? I am excited to begin working at Cabrini because it is a truly unique school. The staff is very welcoming and helpful, and I am looking forward to working with students from so many different backgrounds and cultures. 

How would you describe your teaching style and method? My teaching style is very hands on and student centered. You will see students working on a variety of activities that are geared toward their current level, so they may not all necessarily be working on the same activities at the same time.  You will also see a lot of communication going on between students, as I will frequently have them share what they are learning with a partner, or collaborate in groups to solve a problem. I  place a lot of focus on life skills such as organization, perseverance, conflict resolution, and character building. I believe that it is essential for students to have a variety of life skills to truly be prepared for high school and beyond. 

2016-2017 Classroom Pictures


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