Strategic Plan 2006-2010 (abridged)

After months of discussion, input, and revisions, the St. Frances Cabrini Academy Advisory Council created the following Strategic Plan in 2006.  The plan serves as the guiding document for the next five years, as St. Frances Cabrini Academy strengthens its position as a unique Catholic elementary school serving a diverse population in South City.  The Pastors Board, comprised of the pastors of our eleven sponsoring parishes, is committed to the enactment of these goals, objectives and strategies.  The Strategic Plan Committee of the Advisory Council is committed to continual evaluation and revision.

In 2008, the Advisory Council noted that much of the initial objectives and strategies of the Strategic Plan were accomplished ahead of schedule.  With that in mind, a revised Strategic Plan is currently being developed.  The updated version will also include goals relating to faith formation and governance. 

Goal #1:  Strengthen Financial Condition

Expected Results: Re-distribute funding mix to the following:

  • 55% Tuition & Fees
  • 11% Archdiocesan Support
  • 11% Parish Subsidy
  • 10% Fundraising
  • 9% Other Grants
  • 4% Unrestricted Gifts

Objectives & Strategies include:

  • Create a volunteer database to assist in fundraising activities
  • Implement development efforts, including the hiring of a development director, establishing relationships with grant-making foundations, and conducting an annual appeal of parish members and friends of the school
  • Increase number of full-tuition paying families

Goal #2:  Develop & Implement a Marketing Plan

Expected Results: Minimum of 200 students enrolled by 2009, not to exceed 225

  • Maintain or increase the percentage of parish school families
  • Increase enrollment of tuition-paying families

Objectives & Strategies include:

  • Create annual marketing plan that promotes school to parishes and surrounding community
  • Develop marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters, and admission packets
  • Identify parish and community families with school-age children
  • Inform parish and community families through advertisements, bulletin announcements, personal contact, neighborhood meetings, and marketing materials
  • Assess Cabrini data against competitor schools and identify unique areas of service
  • Enhance the external message of school website

Goal #3:  Increase Academic Excellence

Expected Results: Implement academic excellence work plan

Objectives & Strategies include:

  • Define excellence through key indicators and in comparison with other benchmarks, similar schools
  • Identify gaps between current services and key indicators of excellence
  • Work with faculty to determine a prioritized plan of action to increase academic excellence by closing these gaps

Goal #4:  Improve School Facilities

Expected Results:    Maintain safety certifications

Objectives & Strategies include:

  • Conduct annual walk through of school with landlord
  • Hire a part-time maintenance person shared with St. Wenceslaus
  • Prioritize facility repairs and determine budgetary needs and allocation between school and landlord
  • Utilize parent volunteers to assist in building maintenance

Goal #5:  More Effective Usage of Data & Technology in Administration of School

Expected Results: Public perceives school as a leader in the effective use of technology in the areas of shared information, security, curriculum integration, and web-based administration of the school community

Objectives & Strategies include:

  • Research and identify similar schools’ technology systems
  • Define data and software necessary for school to be a technology-driven organization
  • Provide training to staff to ensure technological expertise
  • Hire or train technology support staff or outsource
  • Create school-wide network with new technology system
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