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Governance Structure

St. Frances Cabrini Academy is governed by a Board of Pastors, representing the 9 supporting parishes.  The Board of Pastors have designated much of their authority to the School Board, which includes representatives from the supporting parishes and community at large.  The School Board meets every other month to provide leadership and direction to the school's administration.

St. Frances Cabrini Academy Board of Pastors

  • Rev. Jerome Billings, Basilica of St. Louis, King of France
  • Rev. Hubert Zasada, St. Agatha Parish
  • Rev. Michael Fowler, OFM, St. Anthony of Padua Parish
  • Rev. Msgr. Dennis Delaney,  St. John the Apostle and Evangelist Parish
  • Rev. Joseph Abramovic, OFM, St. Joseph Parish (Croatian)
  • Rev. Bruce Forman, Sts. Peter and Paul Parish
  • Rev. John Vien, St. Pius V Parish
  • Rev. Ed Murphy, CM, St. Vincent de Paul Parish
  • Rev. Jim Wuerth, MSF, St. Wenceslaus Parish

St. Frances Cabrini Academy School Board

  • Rev. John Vien, Pastor, St. Pius V Parish (Pastor Designate)
  • Ms. Julie Hercules, Director of Student Relations, Incarnate Word Academy(Vice-chairperson of the Board)
  • Mr. Bill Pilacinski, Retired, Monsanto (School Board Secretary)
  • Mrs. Katherine Richardson, Retired, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Sr. Cathy Vetter, CCVI, Pastoral Associate, Sacred Heart Parish(Chairperson of the Board)
  • Mr. Alex Volansky, President, Peerless-Premier Appliance Co.
  • Mr. Peter Schroeder, Principal of St. frances Cabrini Academy
  • Mr. Rich Fanning, Director of Advancement, St. Frances Cabrini Academy
  • Dr. Randy Berzon-Mikolas, Retired, President Incarnate Word Academy
  • Mrs. Diane Snively, Volunteer Teacher, Right START Program
  • Mr. Julian Mendoza, Bilingual Maintenance Coord., Enterprise Fleet

The Cabrini School Board is established as a Board of Limited Jurisdiction.

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